Hellberg Neon Plus Clear AF/AS Endurance

€ 25,00
  • Durable in harsh environments
  • Fits over prescription glasses (RX)
  • Protects against splashes and dust particles

Hellberg Neon Plus is an advanced safety goggle with comfortable and tight-fit frame for long term use. The indirect ventilation in combination with the Anti-Fog and Anti-scratch coating will prevent misting up the lens in harsh environments.

Clear Lens

Clear lens for all indoor applications ensuring the highest optical class. Protect against UVA-UVB (99,99%) and has good color recognition. Suitable for General work, Machine operation, Lab works, Construction, Workshop applications.


Anti-Scratch Endurance Coating

Durable lens protection coating against surface scratching applied. This innovative coating outperforms the additional EN166 Anti-scratch testing (K) up to 3 times on both sides of the lens and increases the life span of the product.


Anti-Fog Endurance Coating

Prevents both sides of the lens from fogging or steaming up when exposed in extreme warm and humid environments. This innovative coating outperforms the additional EN166 Resistance to fogging testing (N) up to 3 times on both sides of the lens. Great for use in extreme harsh environments.


Protection Against Splashes and Particles

Great coverage and seal protecting your eyes against liquid splashes and flying particles.


Tight-fit Frame for Long Term Use

The soft frame gives a tight and comfortable fit against the face. Perfect for users wearing protection the entire working day.


Can be Worn over Prescription Glasses

Designed to fit over your prescription glasses with a retained a high protection level.


Voor meer informatie over dit product, kan u terecht op de website van Hellberg.